Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Greetings from the middle of the ocean!

So what's it like working at sea? This time; mostly rubbish weather (in terms of low cloud and snow/rain), not much in the way of the internet, the odd big bouncy storm, being the only person working night shift and sleeping during the day (the opposite to my natural cycle but mostly a good thing in my book as I'm left alone to work), long working hours, no days off and indifferent food. But also: the odd stunner of a day, great data coming in, the excitement of seeing what we'll find next, peace and quiet to do the work I enjoy, a laugh with good mates, achieving things as part of a harmonious team, an ever-changing and interesting view out the window; chinstrap penguins, killer whales, icebergs and huge volcanoes: some of which make glacier-topped islands, some of which don't quite make the surface of the water despite being 3 km high. Some of which no-one knew existed until we came along. No-one could ever say I lead a normal life.

I love my job.