Friday, 4 March 2011

The seasons are turning: an update of sorts

Today marks three months since I moved to Hobart, and it's distinctly autumnal out there today: a sunny day with a cold wind. I found a house to rent while looking for a property to buy, and it has a large converted garage that is technically a bedroom but which will make a great weaving studio. My furniture arrived a month ago, but as I've either been away or had house guests for that time, only the household essentials have been unpacked. The room that will be my weaving studio remains full of boxes, the torture device loom still wrapped in the heavy paper used to protect it during transport.

I've not been entirely unproductive on the fibre front. I've met a lot of lovely people here and have been overwhelmed by how welcoming the local guilds and knitters groups are. Tomorrow I'll be attending the Bothwell Spin-in. And I've knitted a couple of things, including this rather natty Lanesplitter skirt:

I've also finished knitting, but not seaming, the time-intensive knitting project of a whole woman's sweater knit with fine laceweight handspun camel and silk on 2.75 mm needles, the beginning of which I documented more than a year ago (clicky).

This coming Sunday will be my first free day at home in a month, and will also probably be the only free day I have at home for the next month. I hope to get my loom built, and will document the process. I've decided that the first warp in it will be for tea towels, but not what they will look like yet!