Monday, 8 December 2008

Two blankets, one warp

These are the baby blankets made from the thick cotton warp I used, the first time I properly sectionally beamed. The two were woven on the same warp with the same threading, but with different tie-ups and treadlings. To give you a sense of scale, they're hanging over a rocking chair and the blocks are not quite 2" square.

The first was woven in a 5-end huck lace, to give a very large, slightly open, lacy structure, but yet one which remains stable. Here's a close-up of the weave structure.

The second blanket was woven on the same huck lace threading, but with a twill tie-up and straight treadling, giving a block twill structure - just for something different!

I'd had to sample twice, so I was running out of warp for this one before I thought it had reached a decent size - hence the insistence on getting every last possible centimetre out of the warp! Pre-washing, this one is about 1m x 80-ish cm, the huck blanket is a more reasonable 1m x 1.3 m.

Because these were woven at 8epi in 2/2 cotton, they're substantial, chunky blankets. I didn't enjoy working at 8epi at first, because I'm so used to finer thread. I wish I could say that these were fast weaves, but getting the weft in the right place for the slevedges took great care and attention, so I had to concentrate with every pick. I'm pleased with the outcome though. After trying to decide how to finish these, I settled for machine-stitching the loose ends and blanket stitching the hems, because the fabric will be too thick to fold. The huck blanket is done this
way and I'll do the twill blanket tonight. Then it's measuring and wet finishing, and they're done!


  1. You could also put on blanket binding. That makes a nice finish. They look very nice.

  2. Lovely, lovely summery look, Geodyne!! If I slept intermittently and cried a lot, will you make me one?

    On a serious note, your squares are so square! Good on you. Mine usually turn out elongated one way or another so I stopped planning squares now. Or obvious stripes involving color changes. Must try harder!

  3. I've thought of blanket binding before Peg, but I've never had any success in finding any to buy. I'm not sure how one goes about finding it...

    Meg, that may be wishful thinking on your part! My squares are most definitely not square, because the yellow cotton, despite being the same make as the blue, had a finer grist. The blus squares are blue, but the yellow ones are either narrower (the huck) or wider (the twill), because it would have required 2.5 blocks to bring them even, and the draft wouldn't allow that.

    Sleeping intermittently and crying a lot - that almost sounds like a week in bed with a virus. ;-)

  4. If you can't find the right color at Hancock's or JoAnn's, you can make your own. At the fabric store find some machine washable fabric you think would look good as a binding and cut it into strips. Since you will be binding a straight edge, you don't even have to cut the binding on the bias. And I have absolutely not a clue what the last letter is in this word verification...........grrrr..... Well, this second one is better..... Enough to make me stop commenting on blogs.......

  5. Frustrating those word verification things, aren't they?

    I'll probably go with blanket sewing for these ones, but do want to try binding in the future - especially for the full-size blanket for the bed I plan to make one day.

    I'll have to plan ahead when I do, I think. We're not really blessed with fabric stores in this area. Thanks, Peg.

  6. They're lovely! I especially like #1. And I love the idea of thick and cushy.