Friday, 28 August 2009

Still playing with 3/1 twills....

...but until I take decent photos of all the pleating experiments I've done lately, I'll leave this up as a teaser. Photos shall be duly taken this weekend and then I'll make a full post of my experiments and what they've turned up.

In the meantime, I've set a new record. I started weaving the scarf in the photo at 9:30 am (actually, a bit earlier, as the time on the photo is 9:21). I had it woven, fringed and wet finished by 4 pm.

I also have a coloured warp in blues, greens and yellows on the loom at the moment, for a commission. There's still one more warp in the black-and-beige warp, but after weaving four scarves from it already, it was time for a change!


  1. Gee wiz, are you in a hurry, or just on a roll? Lovely, though. And look forward to the "proper" pics.

  2. I was on a really proper roll! I was truly amazed at just how productive I was - and it proves that I can get on and get things done when the rest of life doesn't get in the way!

    Will post pics of the pleats a little later in the week....I think you'll like them.