Sunday, 20 December 2009

More krokbragd

This time actually a floor rug. It's not finished yet because I've literally only just cut it off the loom, but it fulfills my need for a floor rug to catch mud and the like trekked in through the front door. The yarns are assorted scrap rug yarns I've accumulated over the years, in addition to handspun rough wools (mostly Welsh), which I picked up during my British wool spinning experimentation phase. I was surprised at the take-up in the warp on this project. The rug is shorter than I'd planned, but still a good length for a foot-mat.

We've had a lot of snow and ice on the ground since a blizzard blew in on Thursday night (the temperatures haven't really risen above freezing since then, in fact it's -1C at 1pm today), so aside from short walks to enjoy the sunshine and views that's done a lot for my staying in and weaving! The light bouncing off the snow has been marvelous. I can really see why weaving is such a strong winter pastime in Scandanavian traditions. It's just as well: this is the rug I was going to have totally completed a full month ago, before my operation. I've been weaving this in short, careful bursts over the past couple of weeks.

Next up: the handtowel for the bathroom, which I've been threatening to weave for a full year.


  1. You accomplished a lot in short bursts! I'm so glad you're recovery is progressing. I noticed the same thing about snow light and weaving when we had a long-lasting snowfall last winter. The rug looks great. I'm looking forward to more pictures in its wet-finished final glory, pre-ground-in-garden-mud!

  2. The rug is beautiful! Krokbragd uses enormous amounts of weft, and I think it is perfect for a floor carpet. And congratulations on the snow, I hope you'll get a white Christmas.

  3. You're going to let it get muddy?! Wow, that's confident weaving :)

  4. The rug is beautiful!! I'm not sure I could bear to put it on the floor!

    Good luck with the hand towel! I've just started figuring out some myself - and ran into some snags with the yarn I want to use and the design I want. Hopefully your project will flow more smoothly than mine!!