Monday, 5 December 2005

Spinning dyed tussah silk top

I've had a go at spinning silk top before with mixed success (it seemed to want to spin relatively thickly and it was all too easy to over-spin), but over the weekend I played with some purchased henna-dyed tussah silk. This was more than happy to spin extremely fine, which made me very happy. Once I've plied this tonight I'll have some lovely lace-weight silk yarn. I've been able to work with this very quickly too, which would probably appal my former spinning teacher, as she was forever trying to convince me to spin more slowly and less finely.

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This shot shows the loose fibre on the post of my wheel, with spun singles on the bobbin.

What do I plan to do with this? One of my spinning friends gave me a beautiful alpaca scarf she had knitted from this pattern. I think it's the perfect introduction to lace knitting, and I'll make myself a much-needed red scarf to boot.

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