Friday, 10 August 2007

Warped, finally

I finally got the 10/1 cashmere warp completely tied onto the loom last night.

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Never again. The stuff is stunningly luxurious, but between being really soft and therefore incredibly easily broken and a being a really active, springy single, what on earth made me think using it as a warp would be a good idea?! Fortunately it's on now, and all I have to do tomorrow is tie up the pedals before I'm ready to weave.

Lesson of the month: never, ever warp with a single yarn if all you have is a warping board. It's just not worth the angst unless you can do a sectional warp under constant tension. Save it for the weft, where it has real potential for use in collapse structures and textured weaving....doing just that is one of the many rich and varied ideas that are floating around in my head. I need to weave faster so I can get some of these into fabric.

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