Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Ooh, expensive!

I've done it. I've just contacted Glimakra in Sweden, and asked them to ship me a sectional warp beam, tension box and a second back beam.

The scary thing is, because I bought my loom second-hand, I'll be spending more on those three items combined than I paid for the loom in the first place! It's so going to be worth it though. I spent the weekend trying to beam a sticky wool blanket warp, with the normal wooly snarls - despite using best warping practice. I debated whether the money would be better put towards a second loom (I do lust after a dobby), but I do intend keeping the Glimakra and I may as well have it so that I can play with some of the more complex weaves I want to play with, such as ikat and varying weave structures across a warp.

I can't wait to play with these new toys. I consider this my winter treat.


  1. From what I hear about both sectional warping and a second warp beam, you're going to love it. A friend who used to have the same loom as mine is trying to get me to get a second warp beam, but if I have such a hard time with one already, what will happen if I have tow of those things!!!

    But that's going to change WHAT you weave in the long run, isn't it. How exciting!!!

  2. It will indeed change what I weave in the long run! These tools open up so many possibilities.