Thursday, 28 August 2008

There's nothing like finality to make one's day.

I finally got around to finishing off the babys blankets last night.

Considering they've been sitting around in the torture room for long enough for me to warp up and weave an entire 4m warp of tea towels and associated samples and to start warping up the blanket (of which more another time), it's scandalous that I couldn't find the leisure to cut up and sew the fabric. There's nothing like a dealine however. Another colleague has her last day of work tomorrow before going on maternity leave, so last night and the night before I cut apart and hemmed all four blankets (making five in total that I got from the warp). I brought them in to work this morning, and I've already managed to give two of them away. The recipients are delighted.

Here are three of them, stacked in my office.

After much internal debate, I chose to give these a simple plain hem. I'd considered trying to edge these with ribbon, or trying an invisible hem on them, but the intention is for these to be robust working items, and I wanted them to be as simple and sturdy as possible. There's no way these are coming apart. I'm pleased with them, especially as they've turned out so soft: and they'll only get softer with time.

They come with their own special care instructions.

I have a giant willow tree in my backyard!


  1. Gee, they look handsome! I hope the new mums use them, too, instead of just admiring. Torture room? Ha ha, I've got one of those, too.

  2. I think they're actually going to use them, Meg! I impressed upon them just how robust these blankets were, and that it was impossible for a baby to destroy them. I know the first one - the checked one - is definitely being used.

    Hee - I call it the torture room as an extension of the nickname for the Glimakra. We refer to it as "The medieval torture device" because of its resemblance to a rack. Torture room goes on from there, although when everything is going wrong it can feel like it some days!