Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The festive towel exchange

These are my entries for the festive towel exchange. Mine are more neutral than festive, but there you go.

The first is the "Chocolate makes everything better" towel.

This is woven in 8/2 cotton, in brown and beige stripes, from a draft of my own design. It's a thick, sturdy, thirsty towel, designed for drying up the festive meal dishes.

A close-up of the weave structure:

The second towel is called "Autumn leaves". This is a honeycomb dishcloth, woven in stripes of rose-brown, soft olive green and pale beige organic Foxfibre 10/2 cotton. The dominant colour of the towel is the brown, with the green and olive as highlights. The photo below shows the natural colours; the next two are a little yellow because they were taken in artificial light.

This was my first foray into honeycomb. I've been wanting to use the finer Foxfibres in my stash for some time now, and honeycomb seemed the obvious choice. I enjoyed the exploration - I've been developing an interestin 3-D weaving lately!


  1. Love the towels, LOVE LOVE LOVE the names!! Thanks!

  2. I love the honeycomb! Enough to tempt me into trying a new weave structure...........

  3. Meg - thanks!

    It's remarkably satisfying and fast to weave, Peg. I'm starting to think, honeycomb bathtowels in cotton chenille...

  4. I love, love, love the festive Christmas tree towel. I just discovered your NZ guild blog. I can tell you have talent abound in your group. Rose, I believe you wove the towel I am mentioning. Is there any chance I can purchase the draft for the tree towel. I really like the black and white background. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Linda