Thursday, 16 October 2008

So many posibilities

My recent spending splurge came home to roost last night. I spent three hours running around, collecting eight parcels from couriers (it would have been two hours, but I had to go back to one courier because one of the boxes they gave me wasn't mine).

There now sit in my house, half-unpacked, the sectional warp beam kit, tensioning box and second back beam from Glimakra, a second-hand electric bobbin winder which I picked up cheaply on Ebay and hope to try winding cones with; and a knitting machine, ribber and table, which I intend experimenting with - I live in jeans and knit tops, and at £60 a pop in the shops for a nice plain knit top I've been considering making my own for a while now. I confidently expect delivery of a drum carder in the near future as well.

My goodness. Where to start.....? Finishing my busy working week is probably a good place.


  1. Just be careful you don't throw away anything with the packing. That would be a tragedy!

  2. Wouldn't it just!!!

    I don't think I have...although it appears that one of the stores didn't send me a couple of small things that I also ordered, like a reed hook. I'm not particularly overwhelmed with their service, so I think I'll just contact them for a refund.