Thursday, 20 November 2008

Open studios reprised

I've been putting a lot more thought into the Open Studios question, and I've decided to go for it.

There's a seminar to attend in January and I can join then. I'll almost certainly do so, and I'll go for opening for two weekends this coming July. I've been speaking to a couple of local painters I know, who have participated for many years. They say that if you're in a village rather than in town (as I am), visitor numbers are much smaller and don't necessarily translate into sales. Cambridge is a slightly unique place as it is dominated by the bike. Many academics (the main target audience of Open Studios) in Cambridge live in town and don't own vehicles. You don't need one in Cambridge. I fully understand this, as I've been one of them - I haven't owned a car in the three years I've lived here. That does, however, mean that the 9 miles to my house is a long way to cycle.

The people I've spoken to say that the main advantage of Open Studios is the networking and the increased exposure to other exhibition opportunities, and that has to be a bonus.

Weaving plans last weekend experienced another setback, as other jobs presented themselves. It wasn't a total loss, as it meant that my loft got 300mm of insulation (a huge yay as it's predicted to turn cold and snow this weekend), and my storm gutters were cleaned of the moss and many willow leaves they contained. I did manage to weave 2.5 dishtowels (the nuclear family of dishtowels), and will finish that warp tonight or tomorrow. Then it's on to another baby blanket before I can go back to playing with silk.

One advantage of the baby blanket is that I can play with warping the sectional beam using the tension box with not-fine threads.


  1. I'll definitely look forward to following up your open studio thread. Good luck with it, and as long as you're nearly committed, enjoy the process.

  2. Thanks Meg!

    I have to admit that I'm a bit excited about it - and I'm planning to try a few new techniques on bookmarks and small samples, which will give some interesting things to show/sell.

  3. Exciting to hear you are venturing into the Open Studios. I went to see a fellow weaver at our local event this summer, she was opening up for the first time and sold several pieces of work and got to know other local crafts & arts people. I identify with the problem of being a bit out of town, I'm in a similar situation in some ways: edge of town, up a steep hill and very few places to park a car.

  4. Then you know what I mean, Dotothy!

    Perhaps you'd consider coming down, if I had an Open Studio?