Monday, 16 February 2009

But lest you think I've been lazy....

...because I've not been sewing up and finishing woven items lately, this what's been absorbing my evenings instead.

This is the crossstitch sewn into the 20 epi handwoven linen, and it's coming along. It's a very complex piece but it's been the perfect evening companion for someone whose brain spent a couple of months fogged with colds and winter bugs. It's been taking the place of weaving and spinning. It requires concentration rather than thought. And it's huge - I'm sewing this at two spaces per stitch (it makes half-stitches easier), so it's sewn at 10 stitches/inch. In this photo, it's draped across the back of a full-sized rocking chair.

The big question is, can I finish it in the next six weeks?


  1. It's beautiful! But why six weeks?

  2. Thanks Gwen.

    My partner - who'll have been away for almost six months for work by that stage - returns in six (almost five now) weeks. I started this after he left and it would be nice to surprise him with the completed article when he gets home because I know he'll be suitably amazed.

    Also because there are so many weekends and holidays away planned for after his return I'm not going to have a lot of spare time!

  3. Dear, dear, Geodyne, would you mind, please, please, please, posting some pics of this work in higher contrast (albeit not true) and either in more detail or saved as a bigger so old, nearly-blind fans can have a better look? I'm am intrigued. I've always been interested in mixing embroidery with my weaving because I've been embroidering since I was ... can't remember... well before 13, so I'm most interested!!!!!