Monday, 16 February 2009

A sea of pink

I don't even like pink.

I finished weaving the pink undulating twill a couple of weeks ago. I got two scarves from this warp in the end; the one in the back is the first, woven in alternating picks of handspun silk cap and 60/2 silk, the front one with just the 60/2 silk weft. Neither of them have been wet-finished yet, there's still the mending to do. Wet finishing ought to even out the selvedges as well. It's a real pity you can't reach through the computer to feel them because the difference in grist between the fabrics is marked. The half-handspun scarf is a much more substantial piece, solid in feel and promising to warm. The 60/2 fabric inthe front is much thinner and finer, like tissue paper as opposed to fine vellum.


  1. I don't like pink, either, but boy, these look delicious.

  2. Thanks Meg. :)

    I must say that I like the texture enough that I can forgive it the colour!