Thursday, 18 June 2009

The Bradford HNC

So for several years now, I've been prevaricating about maybe possibly applying for the Bradford HNC in weaving. It's seemed a sensible way to go about making myself think more about design in what I do. But the nature of my job, and (as always) the thought of spending all that money have prevented me from doing so.

But this post from Jane has convinced me that maybe I need to apply and commence this year, before it disappears completely from its present format. So, despite the fact that I'll be overseas for three months over the winter, I've just made an on-the-spot 'panic' application.

Can anyone give me any reasons why this would be a bad idea?

EDIT: talking further with Jane informs me that the current crop of students are the last to attend the course in the existing format anyway. But the idea is in the head...


  1. No, no reason at all. In fact, I'm tempted to join you...

  2. Well.....course details (such as they are) here.

    On-line application form here.

    So there!

  3. I had exactly the same reason for starting in 2005 - because it was the last year in that format and it wasn't clear whether they were going to re-launch in a new format. In fact they skipped 2006 and re-launched in 2007. It was a reckless decision given my inexperience in weaving and the fact that I was working full-time (because of the distance I had to travel, the residential bits took up almost all my leave for 2 years and I know we have a sofa but I forgot where it was). It was utterly exhausting and an enormous challenge but I wouldn't have missed it for anything: my weaving practice was completely transformed AND I made loads of new friends.

  4. I had this feeling Cally would set you right. I'm so excited and a bit envious for/of you!!!

  5. I would have liked to have done the course under the previous tutor, which last ran in 2005 before she retired.

    I've had many discussions with past students, and with a friend who dropped out of the Bradford course last year. It's clear to me that the course as now offered is not going to give me the weaving experience that I want. As with all higher education nowadays it is focussed on producing graduates for jobs - I am not aiming to be a designer working as an employee in someone else's business.

    My choice of weaving tutor would be Janet Phillips, she teaches courses at her home in Oxfordshire.

    As regards design courses, I'd sooner go for the sort of course Louise is doing in Nottingham, rather than a Bradford course, have you seen her blog?

  6. This is fabulous - thank you all, I've really appreciated everyone's opinions, although none of it has made me reach a decision!

    I've studied science externally in the past so I know what external study involves, but: I'm not interested in doing a course that churns out graduates for jobs, as I have a degree and a Ph.D., and the average weaving job pays significantly less than I earn now. What I want is to take weaving more seriously as an art, coumpound existing design knowledge and use courses to extend the way I think about design. It's difficult to do that oneself.

    I've definitely considered attending courses held by Janet Phillips before, and she's closer to home to boot. I wasn't aware of the Nottingham course, but am investigating that now.

    Which all adds up to my still thinking. I do have to restrain myself from collecting degrees!