Monday, 29 June 2009

Carding a rainbow

I've been so busy I've not had a chance to go near the weaving loom for at least a week. I think it's starting to sulk, and do feel guilty for neglecting it.

I did, at the expense of weaving time, spend a good bit of my weekend carding, and also cheating slightly. The point of this is a challenge to blend primary colours into colours for a project, but the colours supplied were the bright sherbet colours in my previous post, with white roving to make them paler, but nothing to make them darker. I don't really do sherbet pastels, so the application of a little dark garnet, dark blue and black dye to strategic pieces of the roving made me much happier. I have dark red, red/pink/orange, red/orange, yellow, green, mid blue, dark blue and purple.

Now for the next bit: to spin it all up.


  1. It looks like a real challenge to me to blend your own yarn colors, I'm sure it turns out beautiful. I look forward to seeing the yarn!

  2. Wow! That looks soooo yummy! I think your ideas for additional colors to tone the whole thing down are excellent. Should be absolutely lovely when the project is done.

  3. Charlotte: it's definitely taken quite a bit of time, but it's been an enjoyable challenge. It definitely gives more depth of colour to blend roving, as opposed to dyeing it.

    Leigh: Thanks! Now I just have to try to avoid the 'rainbow' cliche, and all should be well.

  4. Lovely!! I haven't touched mine yet; I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that it's not a swap project this year. On the one hand, at least I'm not letting anyone down. On the other, I'm not getting anything done...

  5. You are kind of rather busy! This is getting in the way of other things for me, but I'm liking the fact that I have to extend myself and move out of my normal box to achieve this.

    I know that doing a rainbow is the predictable thing when blending a pile of colours, but now I'm thinking about how to weave this to be a less predictable rainbow.