Friday, 4 September 2009

And notes for self

Projects in the queue:

  • Now that the weather's turning cold and you're finishing these scarves, dye that wool and start weaving the blanket for the bed.
  • Make a trial tote bag to test technique before committing handspun from spinning challenge (big enough to be a shower bag for work!) (ran out of time for this one)
  • Make tote bag from spinning challenge handspun....before the deadline
  • Make chenille-and-cotton handtowel to match the rest of your bathroom

THEN can you go on with all the projects your brain is trying to make you do!!!


  1. These are all wonderful projects to have lined up! I don't dare write a list in case none of my ideas happen.

  2. What Dorothy said! In my case, the "items" are interrelated and sometimes incoherent, so my lists are more like mind maps and Gant charts at the moment!

  3. Thankyou ladies!

    This is only a very, very tiny fraction of 'the list'. It's really just the immediate must-dos, which have to happen.

    I reassure you the rest of 'the list' looks far more like a mind-map and changes every single day. There are always far more projects in my head than I can actually make, and having the stash beside the loom is a disadvantage sometimes. I'm constantly taking a break from weaving to move parts of the stash around to sit beside each other as ideas occur to me.

  4. Ha ha, thanks for the smile. Great list though. I'd be lost without my lists.

  5. "Spin that wool and weave the blanket for the bed" - wow I'm impressed! If I was writing this list I would have to put for Christmas 2010 after this sentence! Seriously though, a great list of projects and I love the scarves. Thankyou for putting the drafts up. It helps someone like me really understand what you have done and how you have achieved these stunning effects.