Monday, 2 November 2009


It's what gets in the way when you plan to do other things. It's been a busy time and work, social life, illness and working on 'the farm' have all kept me well and truly off the loom. My sweetie left me again this past weekend for his season south, and as there's still some time to go before I leave in the new year, I'll have some weaving time again. So this weekend I wove the fabric for the bag for my spinning group challenge, due this coming Saturday. Have a picture!


  1. What extremely pretty weaving, I have been looking at landscapes today (out & about, and photos I took) and looking your colours & pattern here I see wonderful things.

    I hope you enjoy every bit of the weaving time you can find ;)

  2. Carpet-style? Show us a picture when you've made it into a bag, too, please?

  3. Oh, wow, that is gorgeous!! It's so different to mine (in terms of the colours, I mean. I know the weave structure is totally different...) I am really looking forwards to seeing all the different bags together!

  4. Dorothy: I'm really pleased that you can see landscape in there! You've been posting some stunning photos lately.

    Meg: Carpet-style indeed!!! The weave is krokbragd, which is more commonly used for rugs. In fact, I've been so inspired by making this that I've pulled out a pile of rug yarns I inherited once to make a krokbragd runner to protect the carpet at the front door.

    Ota: The colours would of course be different because I included the darker blue and red in the blending, rather than the white. I, too, am really looking forward to seeing all the bags together. :)

  5. It's lovely! I can really relate to life getting in the way of weaving. Hopefully soon I can get something on the loom too.

  6. Life in the way for much the same reasons, Leigh, only more so in your case!

    I'll send you happy weaving vibes as winter closes in. There's only so much work you can do in the garden and home improvements on winter days.