Monday, 16 May 2011

Colour happiness

When I got back from my time at sea late last Thursday night, I found that there was a parcel waiting for me. I collected it on my way to work on Friday morning, but forced myself to wait until I got home on Friday night before I opened it. Inside was pure colour happiness.

It's a box of 10/2 cottons from the Tubular spectrum range, from Lunatic Fringe yarns. I've lusted after these for years but didn't take the plunge until the other week, when the Australian dollar briefly rose to US$1.10. The difference in exchange rate almost paid for the shipping.

Lined up along the window sill. Forgive the shine off the plastic covers, I probably should have taken them off.

What are these destined for? Well: it's unlike me to do a project verbatim, but have you ever seen the front cover of the Best of Weavers Fabrics that go bump? Turned twill and honeycomb tea towels in warm purple-red-yellow spectrum colours. I've lusted after the lovely towels on that cover since I first saw them years ago. Eventually I decided that if I like them so much, it's not a crime to just do a project someone else designed for a change.

First though, there are more tea towels on the loom to weave off. This is a stash-reduction measure I warped up to help me balance the loom when rebuilding it. The warp is the last of a natural-coloured cotton, with a variety of wefts. There was enough of the sage cotton to weave one towel, and I hope to use up a few more ends of cotton from my stash for the rest. These will be star-square honeycomb variant with plain weave hems. You can see the plain weave of two towels with a couple of picks of scrap cotton between in the photo below.

It's so good to have the loom up and running again.


  1. Stash reduction has never been this beautiful, but boy, the new cones are lovely!

  2. Beautiful!

    And hooray for having the loom up and running again. (I hope to be able to join you in that soon...)

  3. Thanks Meg! I'm itching to play with them.

    Sonya - I hope your house is starting to get back into order? The captain on my last trip is from Littleport and he was giving me the local's view of what's happened to your beautiful city.