Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Having missed last year's P2P, I'm very much looking forward to participating this year. I've you're visiting this blog because of P2P2, greetings!

I'm Geo, a handweaver, spinner and dyer when my day job doesn't get in the way. Unfortunately my day job, being in science, frequently gets in the way, and then I run away to sea to work on research vessels. That's when I knit! I'm an Australian who's recently returned to Australia for work after a long time in the UK.

My loom is an 8-shaft, 10-treadle Glimakra, and I spin on a Majacraft Little Gem. I lust after a 32-shaft mechanical dobby. One day.

The idea of P2P2 is to exchange photos and other items of inspiration, and to use those items to develop a woven piece. Nineteen weavers from around the world are participating this year. I've been chosen to inspire another Australian weaver and am now eagerly awaiting a package from the US.

I expect this to be a great deal of fun.


  1. 32-shafts, yes, don't we all, except when we're trying to correct the threading on, like, Shaft 5 of 8 and can't see too well!

    Look forward to working along side you.

  2. Yes, I sometimes wonder how I'd reach those back shafts to thread - I already crawl into the loom for 8!

    Looking forward to this very much.