Sunday, 1 April 2012

April spools day

I missed April spools day! I'm a bad blogger. My only excuse can be that I worked all weekend.

Even though it's a few hours late, here are my bobbins:

I'm fairly disciplined about not having too much on bobbins. There are a couple of projects worth of handspun silk cap there, to get them off my spinning bobbins and a few odds and ends of handspun silk and wool awaiting the right moment. I normally use my leftovers as the header for a new project to use them up. These are in an old chocolate tin, and a biscuit tin serves as storage for empty bobbins.

Here are the shuttles I'm using for my current project, lined up in order on the loom bench:

Weaving one pick each with eight shuttles is sloooooooooow......


  1. I have a lot of bobbins and pirns, at least 20 of each kind, but only a few shuttles, so on my loom bench the naked bobbins/pirns sit and wait if I'm weaving multi-colored. But I have two sizes of what call the "Swedish" shuttles, and they use my recycled-paper ones.

    Love your colors. Especially the gold.

  2. Lovely shuttles and bobbins! I have been an exceptionally bad blogger, and of course I've missed out on about everything.
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. I hear it's HOT HOT HOT there. Are you OK??