Wednesday, 12 July 2017

More krokbragd

I've been a bad blogger for a long, long time. Mostly that was because things in my life (mostly the day job) took over from weaving. I've still been weaving, but doing more yardage and practical things, and haven't been getting around to blogging them, partly because they were marinating on the loom for embarrassing periods of time.

But I've resolved to get back to exploring weave structures again, and in that spirit here's a krokbragd rug I've recently pulled off the loom. This is the culmination of some projects that have been marinating for a lot of years: using up rug yarn I picked up cheap something like 10 years ago, some of which I've naturally dyed, and other yarn I've handspun. For this rug I wanted quiet neutrals to sit by the bed in our bedroom.

There's enough warp for another, identical, rug on the loom and then there are other projects to be started. Possibly one or two more rugs, to use up the last of the rug yarn (and then no more). More handspun yardage, playing with an ondule reed, and playing with what will soon be a new-to-me, 20-shaft dobby.


  1. Lovely! I've been doing some backstrap weaving, and I stumbled onto krogbragd while looking at online photos; that led me to your blog. I knew denim was a 3-harness weave; nice to learn of another. (Plus, I'm Swedish, and I've decided I should learn more about traditional Swedish weaving styles, from bandweaving on up.)

    1. "Swedish" as in, my great-grandfather Alfrid emigrated to the US from Sweden; my mom's mother's family was also descended from Swedish immigrants.