Wednesday, 10 September 2008


I had fun dying three kilos of Blue-faced Leicester wool a few weeks ago:

I was even given a fabulous old laundry copper to do it in! (It's just a pity I was unkempt from having spent all day in the garden while the photos were being taken!) The colours made me very happy as they swirled around in the pot:

The general idea was to end up with a slightly faded, orangey, salmony brick-red colour, with the occasional darker spot. I think I managed that.

These are destined to become the blanket for my partner. This blanket has evolved somewhat from the original idea of Krokbragd, as he saw and fell in love with a braided twill draft. I've wound warp on (that's the beige wool warp in the previous post), sampled it and am now roughly two feet into the blanket fabric. I'll post about that another time.


  1. I just got a long-term loan of a dye urn that pligs and waste water comes out from a spout like... an urn we use at meetings, etc, for tea.

    I was told it holds 1kg of wool. Now I seriously have to study dying. Yeah....

  2. Oooh, dye urn. Wonderful to be able to pour off the waste water like that, rather than haul an entire full washing copper around the kitchen! It makes me glad I learned how to move large pots of boiling water when working in kitchens when younger.

    Yes, you really must put that to good use.

  3. Hi, I like your red dye picture... For me it look like a surface of Mars... :)
    I'd like to ask your permission to use it in my blog for a story...
    Really appreciate it if you do...

    Sorry not to comment about the thread itself.

  4. Hi Aldis,

    I work in geosciences in my day job, so I'm now intrigued to see what you'll do with it. Yes you have my permission, please go ahead.

    (I have a soft spot for Malaysians, having some in my extended family...)