Thursday, 25 September 2008

A windfall, and a tribute

These two boxes arrived in the mail a day or two ago, and I spent a half-hour or so last night unpacking and sorting them. There is 10kg of yarn there (foot-long metal ruler for scale). I won them as a job lot on Ebay, for what was a criminally small amount of money considering the contents - there's a great deal of 60/2 and 140/2 silk in there, and the one cone of orange 60/2 silk on top repays almost half of what I paid on its own.

It's clear from the rest of the listings that this was a man who was clearing out a lady's (I'm going to presume his mother's) weaving room, because for whatever reason she was unable to use it any longer. I asked no questions of course, that would be unduly familiar. But the contents of the box....there are some real treasures in there. There's a good kilo or so of natural-coloured 60/2 silk, half a kilo of 140/2 silk, a lot of tail ends of dyed silk left over from projects which will undoubtedly make an interesting rainbow project at some time. A bit of tussah silk, silk noil, 60/2 cotton, mohair, wool boucle...the list goes on. There's quite a bit of monofilament which suggests the lady did shibori, and it may or may not be the dissolving variety. Various other adventurous yarns. I was so inspired just by unpacking all of this, imagining what she would have done with it, and impressed by the sheer variety of projects they suggested and obvious skill she possessed.

So, Mrs Ashley, wherever you are: you were clearly an accomplished weaver of superior talent. I'm inspired by your skill, and truly appreciate the treasure I've inherited from you.


  1. I think Mrs Ashley would be very pleased to know you have her stash. If she was aware that the yarn was being sold it would probably be quite a wrench for her.

  2. Thanks Lesley, it's kind of you to say so. It was also my thought that she'd have regretted losing her stash were she aware.

  3. Oh wow! What a windfall. I think Mrs Ashley will be happy that her stash has found a new home and will be put to good use.

    Oh, have I mentioned that I am experimenting with a small rigid heddle loom? That's all I have room for right now.

  4. What a great gift, Geodyne! And adventurous yarns. I feel a bit tempted to look into TradeMe, our version of EBay... No, I'm not; I really need to reduce the stash... Yes, I am...