Monday, 29 September 2008

I finished the fabric for the blanket yesterday, and solved a mystery.

When I bought my loom, it came with a couple of wooden blocks to fit a beam on. The then current owner wasn't sure what they were for, although later I found some holes in the loom for the blocks. They were to allow the cloth beam to be moved forward. I wasn't sure why someone would want to do that, unless they were weaving something really bulky. Yesterday, with 9 metres of blanket fabric on the loom, I noticed this:

The fabic is actually pushing the lower lamms out of the way. Mystery solved. If I decide to make another blanket, or particularly when I get around to making the long-planned hall runner project, moving the cloth beam forward would be a desirable thing. Clearly Glimakra Ideals were not designed with lots of bulky cloth on the cloth beam in mind.

I'm so pleased I got a move on with the blanket the other weekend, because late last week my partner was told that he was going to have to go in a month early. He leaves in less than two weeks, for six months south. I'm determined that this blanket is going with him, and that finishing it won't cut into our time together. So I wove and wove and finished all of the fabric this weekend, and made a bit of a start on the joining last night. That really means I only have another couple of evenings to do the finishing.

Tonight: sewing the panels of the blanket together. Hopefully the hems tomorrow.

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  1. On my loom if I weave too much (and that's maybe 2 shawls about 180cm long) the finished cloth starts to hit my legs! I think this is a problem only because it's a retrofit computer-controlled, and perhaps when it was a countermarche it allowed for a bit more room. Don't know. Well done, you.