Friday, 27 March 2009


My sweetie gets home tomorrow. He's been away for almost six months - five months, two weeks and six days to be precise - and he's been coming home for almost a week. It's a long journey, involving five days at sea, a 19-hour flight and two three-hour bus trips.

The next two months will be a time of celebration, rest and relaxation, involving lots of long weekends, and two separate holidays (one in Wales, the other in Australia). We're not putting in a single 5-day working week during the months of April and May. The celebration won't end at the end of that time, but we will put in a little more effort into making an appearance at work!

I confidently predict a significant slow-down in spinning, weaving and blogging over the summer. :)


  1. I was thinking of you yesterday, wondering when he'd arrive.

    Oh, have fun! :) I look forwards to seeing you for drinks again sometime, when you are finally back in the 'real world'.

  2. We should definitely catch up soon - in fact, possibly as soon as next weekend.

  3. What a wonderful thing to celebrate! And yes, you should slow down on everything else!