Monday, 9 March 2009

Rediscovering the pleasure of weaving and spinning.

No photos today, but I wanted to say, what a pleasure it is to weave a warp that doesn't break with every pick. After months of weaving into difficult, weak warps I've rediscovered the joy of weaving. Of having things work as they should, and most particularly being able to develop a weaving rhythym and finish a scarf without a broken warp thread!

I pulled the olive green pleated scarf off the loom yesterday. I don't have photos yet, as I haven't finished it yet - I'd thought to do so last night, but spent the evening chatting online with my sweetie instead (we often do on a Sunday evening as it's a quiet time for both of us, and it's his birthday today). There are two more pleated scarves germinating in the pipeline, extending the idea further.

I've managed to meet the deadline I'd imposed on myself of finishing sewing the pear tree on the peacock tapestry by this past weekend. I also spent a very pleasant Saturday at Rampton Spinners with Ota, spinning the brightest tangering silk cap you've ever seen. It was like a cloud of sunshine. You couldn't help but smile looking at it- it was making us both very happy people!


  1. congratulations! it's nice when things run smoothly on the loom

    i remember that. faintly

  2. I had to giggle reading about going from a tough warp to a "normal" one. Don't I know it!! Except in my case, at times I was too stubborn to abort a project, resulting in not weaving for upwards of multiple years!

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! Can't wait to see the scarf AND the pear tree.

  3. It's such a luxury when everything goes smoothly, I can tell you!

    But we need to times when it doesn't to be able to aprpeciate what we have.