Tuesday, 3 March 2009

More of the peacock cross-stich

By popular demand (or, because Meg asked so very nicely!).

This proved quite difficult to photograph, because of the medium tones of the colours. I've uploaded the full, 10Mp images - so if you're on a slow connection, beware of clicking on the thumbnails for a closer look!

Obviously because I'm still sewing, the fabric is a bit crumpled where I've been holding it. Again, this is very very big: I'm sewing this at 10 stitches to the inch. It's coming along. I expect to have the pear tree finished this week, there's only a bit to go to the left of the peacock's head. The rest of the background will take another week or so, and then there's a lovely intricate border, complete with embroidered diamonds and gold beads to do.

A close-up of the peacock itself:

No back-stitching yet. Back-stitching will outline the detail of the work and make outlines much easier to see. I may start on some of that this evening.

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  1. Amazing. This piece alone, but I had forgotten you wove the linen as well. "Beautiful" isn't enough to describe this. Hats off to you, Geodyne. I can't wait to see the finished piece.

  2. Thanks Meg!

    The linen was of course the challenging part, with all the fluff it created. The sewing is a relaxing pastime, unless I make an egregrious error that I don't spot for ages.