Friday, 21 October 2005

The beanie project (May 6, 2005)

As a memory refresher, the fibre and the wool blend (this was only 70% merino in the end, with 20% flax (the white and black in the first photo), and 10% silk (the white plied in in the second photo):

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H fell in love with the wool and asked for a beanie, so I taught myself how to knit so I could make it for him. It took maybe 15-20 hours to make, and doesn't suck anywhere near as much as I expected it would. I'm quite pleased with the results.

H, wearing the beanie. You can't really see the detail in this, it's clear that the shot was taken from too low down...

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So then we put it on me and took an urky photo so you could see the pom pom. The pom pom is only a temporary feature, H is going to a rugby game tonight and he realised that the light blue would make the beanie match his team's colours. So he's taking the beanie with him to the game. :-)

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This shot is much cuter, although unplanned. I can't believe how long my hair looks in this shot!

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Finally, the unplanned arty shot - H moved the camera while it was taking a slow exposure. The result was actually pretty good!

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There's actually 100m or so of the wool left, so there is enough to make another project from it. I haven't decided what that will be yet. I may make H a matching scarf, although he's not really a scarf kind of person.

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