Friday, 21 October 2005

Silk caps and navy blue

Silk thread, spun from two silk caps (about 50g total), then trio-dyed using primrose yellow, a mossy green and a pinky-brown. I used commercial dyes. Silk caps were really fun, I'd absolutely play with them again. I think I'll weave this into a scarf for myself.

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This is what I'm spinning at the moment. It's an 85% merino, 15% flax blend. The merino varies in colour from royal, almost navy, blue, to the occasional bit of turquoise. The flax is both white and black.

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Singles, spun on the bobbin. Spun broader than I normally would, this has the most lovely candy-cane effect. This requires a totally different technique to what I am used to - the striped nature of the combed fibre requires thin sections to be pre-drafted to the required thickness, because the flax won't take any stretching of the sliver - it just breaks. I have filled two bobbins now, so I'll ply tonight - once I've found the #$&@ end which I've lost on the second bobbin! H has fallen in love with this, and has asked to have a beanie made from it. If there's enough I may try to make him a matching scarf as well, but it's not a priority because he's not a scarf wearer. I have 200g of this.

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My next weaving project will be a twill scarf for myself, made with a cotton warp and a brown/grey homespun sliver for myself. I'll start this on Thursday. When that's done, I might play with the silk scarf, with a cotton warp.

The next spinning project will be to spin this Suri Alpaca:

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It's the most beautiful colour, and I have 500g of it, so I might get a decent project out of it.

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